"Condoms don’t work."

"Your first time is supposed to hurt."

"It’s not really sex if there’s no penetration."

"Girls don’t masturbate."


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i may not be able to draw pretty flowers

or write beautiful poems

but i can love you at 2am when no one else will

and maybe that makes it worth it

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"And I think the first sign you notice when you begin to gain feelings towards a person, is just how easily you get jealous when they give others the attention which you crave."
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"Everything is temporary."
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pubic hair lightener and dye exists

if you were wondering

I sure wasn’t.


So your pubes can be a main anime character too

now the carpet can match the drapes

Don’t be acting like you don’t want blue pubes

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I still love you

no I don’t.

I’m so confused. why did this happen.

I want you to be happy. if this is what it takes then I’m okay with it. be happy. for me. please.

don’t you ever give up.

I kind of hate you for leaving me.

but I still love you.

I won’t look at you in person but I talk to you in my head

you’re a better listener this way.

I’m sorry.

maybe if I wasn’t so fucked up this wouldn’t have happened

no. it’s not my fault.

but it kind of is.

I hate this

I don’t know who I am without you.

why can’t things be like they were before

please come back to me. I need you. you need me.

we are so goddamn bad for each other it’s beautiful. I’m addicted to our heartbreak.

I went through our old messages. I cried because you promised to always be there. you lied.

you smiled at me in the hall today. i thought my chest was being ripped open

I’m glad you’re smiling though.

- texts I saved but never sent you since you left me. (via siameasy)

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